Scion Press publishes small books on art and artists. It is a program of EB Fine Art located in Hudson, New York.

Small (2.75x3.75”) and medium (6x8”) books are available for purchase at the Curatorium, the EB Fine Art exhibition and installation space in Hudson.

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Scion Press
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Hudson, NY 12534










• Curatorium: Art Beat/Asheville to Youngstown: An installation of Large Photographs by William E. Lyons as selected and installed by guest curator George Hildrew.
Includes a conversation between the artist and Elwood Beach (30 pg)

• Curatorium: Les Demoiselles d’Asheville An installation of work by 6 artists from Asheville, North Carolina, as selected by guest curator Connie Bostic (22 pg)



• Mac's Candles (24 pg)
• Persuasion (Jada): Traveling with Lesley Fries (26 pg)
• Curatori
um: Secretly Seeking/14 Artists as selected by guest curator Robert Godfrey (26 pg)
• Curatorium: Odd Past--/Selections from the Permanent Collection (26 pg)


• The Bostic Girls: An Interview with Connie Bostic by Elwood Beach (24 pg)
• Series of Dreams: Daniel Jocz with an essay and observations by Elwood Beach
(34 pg)
• Three Essays on Representation by Barbara Elizabeth White (28 pg)
• Godfrey: Gypsies (The Aluminum Series) with observations by Elwood Beach (20 pg)
• Gypsy Chat : Of Fateful Passions, Secret Reasons and Pillow Talk Seductions as narrated by Robert Godfrey (24 pg)


• Deirdre Leber: The Angels (of Desire) (24 pg)
• Noah Saterstrom: On the Other Side of the Horizon (30 pg)
• William Clements: Flocked (Swift Glimpses) (30 pg)
• Susan Lucier: Petty Importunities (20 pg)
• Becca C Johnson: Divine Interventions (30 pg)
• Godfrey: Imp (38 pg)
• Godfrey: The Eight Myths A (60 pg) (58 pg)
• Barbara White: Soft Whisper with an essay by Robert Godfrey (36 pg)
• Daniel Jocz: Fragments from a Peculiar Mind (30 pg)


• Elwood Beach Presents: Johnson, Guinn, Leber, Hildrew, Fries, Saterstrom, Lucier, Clements, Godfrey (22 pg)
• By the Way: Traveling with Lesley Fries (32 pg)
• Not From Here: The Eurocentric Love Paintings of Michael Guinn (22 pg)
• Charmingly Dumb: The Space Gypsies of Robert Godfrey (26 pg)
• Godfrey: Eye (28 pg)
• Godfrey Lips (26 pg)
• Godfrey: Gypsy (26 pg)
• Robert Godfrey: Essays on Others as selected by Elwood Beach (78 pg)
• Robert Godfrey: Private Words Publically Stated as selected by Elwood Beach (40 pg)
• Robert Godfrey: Idle Conversations as selected by Elwood Beach (50 pg)
• Robert Godfrey: Last Summer (Drawings) (40 pg)


Icon: Off the Radar with George Hildrew (34 pg)
• Robert Godfrey: Draw (20 pg)
• Robert Godfrey: Smooch (28 pg)
• Robert Godfrey: Portable Stories (36 pg)
• Robert Godfrey: Big Picture (44 pg)
• Robert Godfrey: Muse (50 pg)




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